Our Services


Structural Design

We have extensive experience in the design of the following:

  • New industrial, residential and commercial buildings in structural steel, light gauge framing, cast in place concrete, wood, and masonry

  • Alterations, renovations and additions to the existing buildings of any type

  • Shoring and underpinning to support existing and/or neighboring structure during construction or demolition operations

  • Projects subject to review by NYC TA and DOT

  • Modular/factory build structures

  • Exterior repairs and restoration of the façade elements

  • Solar panels retrofit


Special inspections

In addition to the various engineering services which we provide, BGM Engineering is a certified by the NYC DOB Special Inspection agency. We perform special inspection services for projects which we have designed and for projects designed outside our office.

Our special inspection team includes professional engineering and New York City certified Special Inspector.

Our Special Inspection team ensures that the building structure has been constructed in accordance with the filed with DOB drawings.


Peer Review

The field of Structural Engineering is rapidly changing. Codes are revised every 3-5 years, design software is updated monthly, and new products flood the market every day. Needless to say, it can be a challenge as a practicing structural engineer to stay ahead of all the changes. This is where engineering peer reviews come in.

Reviews are more reliable when performed by peers with the same professional background and expertise.  Engineering peer reviews may be performed for quality assurance, risk management, constructability, cost, or code compliance.


survey & structural assessment of existing conditions

We committed to providing our clients with detailed, impartial reports which are certified by Registered Professional Engineers.

We provide a full range of structural condition surveys and inspection services including:

  • Structural engineering assessment

  • Roof inspections & studies

  • Construction / Building Defects

Based on our expertise and the results of each component inspection for exteriors, interiors, exits, roofing, cladding and structural plans, we prepare an easy to understand condition assessment report for the developers, condominium associations and other clients.


Construction Administration

We bridge the gap between contractors and building owners, administering and managing renovation, repairs, alterations, and other construction projects. You can rely on B.G.M. Engineering to ensure that all construction materials and methods conform to the project specifications and drawings.

Review of design documents for constructability

Conduct scope review meetings

Conduct a pre-construction meeting with all project stakeholders to outline project requirements, expectations, and goals

Interact with the Owner, design team, and contractor to resolve construction issues expeditiously and efficiently

Conduct progress and coordination meetings in order to address any construction issues

Review, respond, and track submittals, requests for information, change orders, and project schedule



Engineering expert witnessing in construction litigation

We respond to allegations of fraud or misconduct that occurred during construction providing a prompt, cost-effective, and objective investigation.

We work closely with clients to understand investigation objectives, coordinate our approach, and use the appropriate resources. Through detailed inquiries and examinations, including the use of leading data analytic techniques, our highly credentialed professionals provide an impartial means to establish truths, evaluate implications, identify appropriate remedial actions, submit restatements, and communicate with regulators or outside auditors.

BGM Professional Engineers have experience working on litigations concerning the construction industry. We have been successfully testified in several law suits in NYC, as an expert witness helping our clients in litigation disputes.